junior bojana aceva-andonova [mk] 2004
title the door
category best of the world

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here is only one character in the film used to simbolyse equal rights of every child. There are two sequences representing the joy of life and the benefits of social inclusion. The third sequence is a contrast an! d it stresses the difficulties any child could encounter due to personal and social differences. There are many doors in life that are widely open for most of us and we take them for granted. The same doors may be walls for some. We should all try to keep them opened for everybody. The movie was created for UNICEF's campaign on social inclusion.

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Igor : [movie:] The door - Aug, 22. 2010 - 23:36
wow he will become a great actor. well done. the film is fantastic!!!!!
Vilhelmina : [movie:] The door - Jan, 09. 2005 - 14:43
Wow, absolutely one of the best films I've seen.
Eva : Re: [movie:] The door - Mar, 28. 2009 - 02:03
The best movie ever!