2015 Workshops

1: Tirana, Albania (January 2015)
2: Baku, Azerbaijan (February 2015)
3: Bishkek, Kyrgystan ( March 2015)
4: Tacloban, Philippines (March 2015)
5: Pibor, South Sudan (May 2015)
6: Baku, Azerbaijan (May 2015)
7: Zaqatala, Azerbaijan (May 2015)
8: Kampot, Cambodia (June 2015)
9: Myanmar workshop 1 (July 2015)
10: Myanmar workshop 2 (July 2015)
11: Kharkiv, Ukraine (July 2015)
12: Masterclass The One Minutes Jr. & IDFA (November 2015)
13: Cinekid & The One Minutes Jr. workshop (September 2015)
14: AZC Doggershoek Den Helder ism. COA en De Vrolijkheid

The nineteen faces in the room showed a mixture of excitement and apprehension. Many of these young people were about to do something for the very first time: operate a video camera. “This is a totally new experience for me, I’ve never held a video camera before!” 21-year-old Saron told me eagerly.

It was the first day of the One Minutes Jr. workshop organized by UNICEF in Kampot, southern Cambodia and I was there to capture stories from this special event. Over the following week these young people would learn how to tell their stories by producing a storyboard, directing a film and capturing all the action on camera.

One Minutes Jr. is a film-making workshop, but it is about a lot more than making films. The participants here were all students from UNICEF Cambodia’s partner Epic Arts, an inclusive arts organization supporting children and young people with disabilities. They received guidance throughout from expert trainers from the One Minutes Foundation. The workshop provided an opportunity for the participants to learn new skills, support each other as members of a team and to tell a powerful story about something important in their lives.

Every student wrote, directed and filmed their own short movie, each exactly one minute long. These films will now be available for viewing across Cambodia – and the world – giving a voice to young people with disabilities.

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