2015 Workshops

1: Tirana, Albania (January 2015)
2: Baku, Azerbaijan (February 2015)
3: Bishkek, Kyrgystan ( March 2015)
4: Tacloban, Philippines (March 2015)
5: Pibor, South Sudan (May 2015)
6: Baku, Azerbaijan (May 2015)
7: Zaqatala, Azerbaijan (May 2015)
8: Kampot, Cambodia (June 2015)
9: Myanmar workshop 1 (July 2015)
10: Myanmar workshop 2 (July 2015)
11: Kharkiv, Ukraine (July 2015)
12: Masterclass The One Minutes Jr. & IDFA (November 2015)
13: Cinekid & The One Minutes Jr. workshop (September 2015)
14: AZC Doggershoek Den Helder ism. COA en De Vrolijkheid

TACLOBAN, Philippines, 23 March 2015 – 19 boys and girls from Tacloban have gathered this week to participate in a The One Minutes Jr. workshop. The UNICEF initiative teaches children and young people how to create powerful 60-second videos. The five-day seminar includes all steps including creating the film idea to the story development to the technical process of filming and editing. The workshop will have its climax on Friday with the final presentation of all the movies produced by the children over the course of this week.

Maulid Warfa, Head of the UNICEF Tacloban office, opens the workshop on Monday morning, stressing the fact that children have a right to expression and a right to learn. The One Minutes Jr. combines these two rights in a unique way, using creative video techniques while teaching critical thinking to the participants.

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