2014 Workshops

1: Amman, Jordan (11-15 January 2014)
2: Balti, Moldova (26-30 May 2014)
3: Bamyan, Afghanistan (7-11 September 2014)
4: Bangladesh workshop (November 2014)
5: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (February 2014)
6: Dilijan, Armenia (22-26 September 2014)
7: Herne, Germany workshop (October 2014)
8: Hong Kong, China Workshop 2014
9: Kahramanmaras, Turkey (23-27 April 2014)
10: Karakol, Kyrgyzstan (March 2014)
11: Lviv, Ukraine (October 2014)
12: Lviv, Ukraine (15 -19 July 2014)
13: Mansakonko, The Gambia (25-29 August 2014)
14: Mexico City, Mexico (November 2014)
15: Odessa (October 2014)
16: Passikudah, Sri Lanka (February 2014)
17: Pokhara, Nepal (17-21 March 2014)
18: Recklinghausen, Germany (14-17 April 2014)
19: Tashkent, Uzbekistan (28 July - 1 August 2014)
20: Zaatari Camp, Jordan (18-23 January 2014)
21: Amsterdam, The Netherlands - IDFA Masterclass (28-Nov - 01 Dec 2014)

16 youth from the east coast of Sri Lanka came together in Passikudah in February for the first The One Minutes Jr. workshop in Sri Lanka. Most of the kids did not know each other before, but that didn’t stop them from quickly becoming collaborators. Friendship proved to be a universal language – there was one Singhala speaker amongst the Tamil language kids, but the kids learned to communicate together even without the translators. Facilitators Anja Masling and Chris Schuepp dove right into teaching about the camera, story-telling, story-boarding and explaining what a one minute looks like. The workshop theme was “Every Child Counts” and the kids quickly made work of interesting stories. Many of the participants had been involved in UNICEF projects before, so they knew something about child rights. And many of them have faced issues of discrimination or unfair circumstance in their own lives. Stories ranged from gender abuse and discrimination to family appreciation to memories of the past. Despite the importance of many of the issues, the participants had fun filming and expressing themselves. The setting couldn’t be beat – a resort on the beach – and the kids were able to take a few moments from the hard work to enjoy the water. After the final screening, the participants were all very proud of the work that they’d done and the films they had completed. They were excited to take their videos back to their hometowns and share with their family and friends.