2012 workshops

1: 2012 workshops overview
2: Baku, Azerbaijan (5-9 March 2012)
3: Kolasin, Montenegro (26-30 March 2012)
4: Antananarivo, Madagascar (2-6 April 2012)
5: Yerevan, Armenia (9-13 April 2012)
6: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (16-20 April 2012)
7: Bucharest, Romania (14-18 May 2012)
8: Tarawa, Kiribati (29 May - 2 June 2012)
9: Dushanbe, Tajikistan (26-30 June 2012)
10: Pittsburgh, USA (2-7 July 2012)
11: New York, USA (10-14 July 2012)
12: Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan (3-7 September 2012)
13: Calarasi, Moldova (17-21 September 2012)
14: Odessa, Ukraine (3-7 October 2012)
15: Prey Veng, Cambodia (27 November-1 December 2012)
16: Lahore, Pakistan (3-7 December 2012)

This was the second annual oneminutesjr. video project in Madagascar. In 2011, UNICEF and the One Minutes Foundation held a training-for- trainers session following the first oneminutesjr. workshop in Madagascar, in an effort to create a local and sustainable oneminutesjr. project. This was the first workshop to be conducted by local artists - Mamihasina Raminosoa and Johnattan Maminirina Rabarijaona. The workshop took place from 2-6 April at the French Institute of Madagascar, in Antananarivo. There were 19 participants between the ages of 12- and 19, including 2 hearing-impaired girls. The workshop theme, “Life in the City,” highlighted the challenges children face in urban areas. (According to the State of the World’s Children 2012, over half of the world’s people – including more than a billion children – now live in cities and towns.) On the first day of the workshop, participants were silent, thinking of a theme and scenarios for their project. But it did not take long for them to develop an idea. These children have one thing in common: they come from disadvantaged neighborhoods. Through the power of film, UNICEF wanted to bring out their daily experience living in a large city such as Antananarivo. The videos reflect the daily reality of these young people – living on the edge of society, excluded, poor, and disadvantaged.