The One Minutes Jr. competition 2014

There are three categories and the winners of the best video of each category will be presented with a Tommy award and an HDFlipCam!

All nominees have also won a place in a The One Minutes Jr./IDFA Masterclass in Amsterdam

The awards ceremony will take place 30th of November 2014 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The nominees of 2014 are:

Bekmirza Isabekov > Bless You > Kyrgyzstan
Ivan Chekalov > Nest > Ukraine
Olesya Gorshkova > Time Consumption > Kyrgyzstan
Wafa’ A Jada’ An > Life Of An Ant > Jordan
Zainab Ahmad Hussain > Heavy road ahead > Afghanistan

One Minute Of Freedom:
Amar Yasser Al-Khwaldeh > We Walk Their Path > Syria/ Jordan
Amjad Elayyan > No Darkness Compares With Ignorance > Jordan
Oday Ayen Qteeth > Necessity is the Mother of Invention > Syria/ Jordan
Roshni Prabin > Thirsty Girl > Nepal
Yazid Zejdan > Wishing Tree > Syria/ Turkey

Self Portrait:
Aqilah Kazim Ali > Family Matters > Afghanistan
Mawdo Keita > My Gambia > Gambia
Omaima Thaer Al-Hoshan > The End of Childhood > Syria/ Jordan
Shihani Omar > The Architect > Syria/ Turkey
Yuriy Konstantinovich Zubenko > War Takes It All > Ukraine

And the 2014 winners are...

Self Portrait 2014:

War takes it all by Yuriy Konstantinovich Zubenko [ua]

One Minutes Of Freedom 2014:

We walk their path by Amar [sy]

Inside Out 2014:

Nest by Ivan Chekalov [ua]