2008 workshops

1: Romania (February)
2: Holon, Israel (February 17-21)
3: Helsinki, Finland (February 18-22 )
4: Cairo, Egypt (February 20-24)
5: Krško, Laško, Slovenia (February 25-29 )
6: Munich, Germany (March 24-28)
7: Košice, Slovakia ( April 2- 6)
8: Amorgos, Greece (April 7th)
9: Beekbergen, Netherlands (April 7-11)
10: Yerevan, Armenia (April 9-13)
11: Berlin, Germany (April 21-25)
12: Lasi, Romania (April 25)
13: Bratislava, Slovakia (30 April- 4 May)
14: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (May 12-16 )
15: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (May 21-25)
16: Baia Mare, Romania (June 16)
17: Astana, Kazakhstan (July 21-25)
18: Krško, Slovenia (July 24-30 )
19: Dublin, Ierland (14-18 July)
20: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (8-12 July)
21: Bujumbura, Burundi (August 27-31)
22: Ashgabat, Turkmenistan (September 29 - October 3)
23: Skopje, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (October 26-30)
24: Abuja, Nigeria (13-17 November)
25: Warsaw, Poland (18-23 November)

RTÉ Young Peoples’ department is organising a film making workshop in mid July 2008. Our aim is to enable you to tell your story on video for the RTÉ TTV schedule, and/or TTV on-line. This 5 day workshop will explore all elements of film making and by the end of the week participants should have completed their own ‘one minute film’.
Films will also be entered into the International Competition where we have had several first prize winners and films selected for screening in Beijing 2008.
To take part you must be between the ages of 16 and 20 years and be available to attend the workshop in RTÉ Dublin from Monday 14th to Friday 18th July, 2008. The course will be free to successful participants and essential expenses will be covered. Subject, style and treatment are all open – from music videos to documentary,
drama to animation featuring real people or inanimate objects – it’s up to you. Previous prize-winners can be seen
For further information visit: RTÉ TV

If you would like to apply to participate
please send following information
to the address below:
1. An outline of your core idea –
story / point of view / key content. (max.200 words)
2. An outline of location, props, number
of actors etc. required for my film.
3. Completed application form
4. Attach a CV and passport photograph
to application.
5. Covering letter indicating why you would like to attend this workshop.

Email entries to: Email:
Or send entries to:
One Minutes Jr Workshop
RTÉ Young Peoples
RTÉ, Donnybrook
Dublin 4

The closing date for completed entries is Monday 16th June 2008