2007 workshops

1: Amman, Jordan (25-29 January)
2: Oslo, Norway (20-22 February)
3: Johannesburg, South-Africa (23-28 March)
4: Istanbul, Turkey (5-9 April)
5: Belgrade, Serbia (10-14 April)
6: Salamanca, Spain (11-15 June)
7: North Ossetia and Ingushetia, Russia (16-20 and 21-25 July)
8: Lubumbashi and Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo (30 July - 3 August and 6-10 August)
9: Krsko, Slovenia (3-8 august)
10: De Vrolijkheid en Stichting Nowhere, Amsterdam (6-10 August 2007)
11: New Delhi, India (25-29 August)
12: Berlin, Germany (3-6 september)
13: Barcelona, Spain (3-7 September)
14: Amman, Jordan (6-10 September)
15: Yevpatoria, Ukraine (17-21 September)
16: Trstena, Slovakia (26-30 September)
17: Manila, Philippines (27 September - 1 October)
18: Mumbai, India (27-31 October)
19: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (13-17 November)
20: Tel Aviv, Israel (14-18 November)
21: Zilina, Slovakia (31 Oct-4 November)

Twelve teenagers from Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Moldova, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania and Ukraine have gathered last week in the Serbian capital to produce OneMinutesJr videos. The five-day workshop has been organized by the World Health Organization (WHO/Europe), UNICEF and the One Minutes Foundation. The workshop has been realized with the support of the WHO Country Office in Belgrade and the Department of Health and Children in Ireland.

The videos are part of WHO/Europeís preparations for the Intergovernmental Mid-term Review where countries will meet to discuss their progress on CEHAPE (Childrenís Health and Environment Action Plan for Europe). The meeting will be held in Vienna, Austria, in June. The videos produced by the teenagers in Serbia will be shown to the youth delegates and government officials in Vienna to spark discussions and give an audio-visual testimony of what young Europeans have to say regarding health and environment issues surrounding them.

The first day of the workshop was spent on presentations and brainstorming to find the best possible topics for the films, but also the most interesting ways of filming and producing the stories.

Neli (18) from Stara Zagora in Bulgaria talked about childrenís health problems in her city caused by nearby factories. Her concerns will be the core part of the OneMinuteJr video she produced. Sanja (16) from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia took the WHO statistics on the Top 10 causes of death and transformed them into a short-film with abstract symbols like spilled coffee for heart disease or a broken picture frame for traffic accidents.

Teodor (17) from Moldova produced an action movie showing teenagers fighting against cigarettes ñ a funny film with a serious message which is definitely something the viewers will not forget. Khrystyna (19) worked on a OneMinuteJr on the public health care in her country and Iva (17) from Serbia tested if minors can buy alcohol in stores in Belgrade without being asked for identification.

There are also a couple of films about social exclusion, a topic that seems to be very close to the teenagers on the Balkans. Two films from the Belgrade workshop will focus on the social exclusion of Roma children.

After the films have their premiere at the WHO/Europe conference in Vienna in June 2007, they will be online on the project website of OneMintuesJr and the WHO/Europe and UNICEF sites.