2007 workshops

1: Amman, Jordan (25-29 January)
2: Oslo, Norway (20-22 February)
3: Johannesburg, South-Africa (23-28 March)
4: Istanbul, Turkey (5-9 April)
5: Belgrade, Serbia (10-14 April)
6: Salamanca, Spain (11-15 June)
7: North Ossetia and Ingushetia, Russia (16-20 and 21-25 July)
8: Lubumbashi and Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo (30 July - 3 August and 6-10 August)
9: Krsko, Slovenia (3-8 august)
10: De Vrolijkheid en Stichting Nowhere, Amsterdam (6-10 August 2007)
11: New Delhi, India (25-29 August)
12: Berlin, Germany (3-6 september)
13: Barcelona, Spain (3-7 September)
14: Amman, Jordan (6-10 September)
15: Yevpatoria, Ukraine (17-21 September)
16: Trstena, Slovakia (26-30 September)
17: Manila, Philippines (27 September - 1 October)
18: Mumbai, India (27-31 October)
19: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (13-17 November)
20: Tel Aviv, Israel (14-18 November)
21: Zilina, Slovakia (31 Oct-4 November)


Haikus are little, three lines poems from Japan (Haiku= Japanese for funny verse). In ancient times there were very popular by court-people and Samurais. Several poets produced and improvised to-gether haikus. Later people created haikus in bigger societies as a kind of a game.
A haiku is concrete. It describes a single situation or experience in the present.

In the workshop we want to write some haikus and then make oneminute-videos out of it. The partici-pants will be supported by one writer, two filmmakers and one musician, specialized on Japanese music. Besides the final screening in the end of the workshop, the videos will be presented on the Young Asia-Pacific-Week of 14.09.-23.09.2007 in Berlin.

The workshop will take place in Schlo? Genshagen, a ěcastleî near Berlin, where we have rooms and the whole castle-garden just for the group to be creative. The workshop is for 10 youngsters in the age of 17-20 years from a training-centre in Berlin Kreuzberg, which is pre-paring young people for there time in professional formation and which is working with mostly disadvantaged youngsters from the neighbourhood.