2006 workshops

1: Liepaja, Latvia (Feb 21-25)
2: Montana, Bulgaria (April 3-7)
3: Bochum, Germany (April 19-23)
4: Salzburg, Austria (May 28-June )
5: Amsterdam, the Netherlands (june 1-5)
6: Dublin, Ireland (june 26-30)
7: Oberhausen, Germany (july 10-14)
8: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (august 1-10)
9: Vrac, Serbia (August 22-28)
10: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (August 25 - September 3)
11: Utsjoki, Finland (August 30 - Sept 2)
12: Tirana, Albania (October 4-8)
13: Gorlitz, Germany (October 16-20)
14: Beirut, Lebanon (November 22-26)

Since the murders of politician Pim Fortuyn and filmmaker Theo van Gogh and the Dutch government's decision to remove 26,000 rejected asylum seekers, the atmosphere in a country that used to be known as a humanitarian haven has become increasingly tense.

To help combat the negative perception of cultural diversity, the ECF organised a oneminutesjr workshop with twenty young asylum seekers from Iran, Afganistan, Bosnia, Niger, Angola, Russia and Ruanda, who have been living in special centres in the Netherlands while waiting for residency permits. Some have been waiting for 5 , 6 or even 9 years.

The aim was to give these youngsters (aged 12-20) the opportunity to tell their stories in a very personal way. Arthur Gavrilov from Russia created a oneminute about birds who are free to fly, but that said that he feels locked in a cage. Saman Amini from Iran, made a one minute video about how he misses Iranian sausages and dried cherries and Almir Smajic made a video about missing his family. In total 15 videos were created revealing aspects of their daily lives, environments, communities and circumstances. During the workshop two participants Tina Alkaeva and Amadou Soleman were interviewed by Skrien magazine. Their diaries of the workshop will be published the in the july issue of the film magazine. The results will be shown at the International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA) in November 2006 and shortly after the workshop at The workshop was organised in collaboration with IDFA and the Stichting ter Bevordering van de Vrolijkheid.