2006 workshops

1: Liepaja, Latvia (Feb 21-25)
2: Montana, Bulgaria (April 3-7)
3: Bochum, Germany (April 19-23)
4: Salzburg, Austria (May 28-June )
5: Amsterdam, the Netherlands (june 1-5)
6: Dublin, Ireland (june 26-30)
7: Oberhausen, Germany (july 10-14)
8: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (august 1-10)
9: Vrac, Serbia (August 22-28)
10: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (August 25 - September 3)
11: Utsjoki, Finland (August 30 - Sept 2)
12: Tirana, Albania (October 4-8)
13: Gorlitz, Germany (October 16-20)
14: Beirut, Lebanon (November 22-26)

in total 19 youngsters (aged 12-20) from Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary and Taiwan participated in theoneminutesjr workshop in salzburg (may 28th -june 1st).

The topic 'expedition:future' inspired the participants to think about the meaning of time. When is the future exactly? Is it later today, tomorrow, next week or in a hundred years? Who will you be in the future? A business man stuck in the daily routine of the working system, a sick woman lying in the hospital, or the person who changes the way news in broadcasted in the world? Others asked themselves what the future would look like. Will there still be traditions in a world where technology is getting more and more important? Some youngsters decided to create a one minute video on other topics such as child rights, communication, gambling and school. All the videos were screened for the first time during the award ceremony of the netdays festival in salzburg with a big audience, are part of our international competition and available online.