2006 workshops

1: Liepaja, Latvia (Feb 21-25)
2: Montana, Bulgaria (April 3-7)
3: Bochum, Germany (April 19-23)
4: Salzburg, Austria (May 28-June )
5: Amsterdam, the Netherlands (june 1-5)
6: Dublin, Ireland (june 26-30)
7: Oberhausen, Germany (july 10-14)
8: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (august 1-10)
9: Vrac, Serbia (August 22-28)
10: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (August 25 - September 3)
11: Utsjoki, Finland (August 30 - Sept 2)
12: Tirana, Albania (October 4-8)
13: Gorlitz, Germany (October 16-20)
14: Beirut, Lebanon (November 22-26)

The Roma oneminutesjr workshop in Montana (Bulgaria) was organized by UNICEF, the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and the Sandberg Institute in collaboration with the local hosts; Sham Foundation, Amalipe and the Municipality of Montana. During 5 days (3-7 April) 21 amazing videos were produced by 22 Roma youngsters from Bulgaria, Romania and Macedonia. Some videos discuss universal themes such as education, discrimination, drug abuse and prostitution, yet others are very sincere and personal fragments of oneís daily life, dreams, hopes and aspirations.

The workshop was opened and closed by the mayor of Montana, Mr. Zlatko Zhivkov, who highlighted the importance of the event for the Roma community in Bulgaria and in the region. He stated that with their videos the Roma youngsters could finally get their opinions across on social difficulties their community faces. Their videos make clear that the Roma want to be treated equally as others in their country, dream of better education and are concerned about the high number of drug addicts and prostitutes in their community especially among youngsters.

The videos produced were shown on the regional television station Mont7 during a 45-minute live broadcasting show called ìInsideî, where the coordinators of theoneminutesjr programme discussed the importance of the programme and workshop in the region. On the international day of the Roma, April 8th, a selection of videos was broadcast nationally on Canal 1. A special item was broadcast as well on ROMA TV, with interviews with the participants.