2006 workshops

1: Liepaja, Latvia (Feb 21-25)
2: Montana, Bulgaria (April 3-7)
3: Bochum, Germany (April 19-23)
4: Salzburg, Austria (May 28-June )
5: Amsterdam, the Netherlands (june 1-5)
6: Dublin, Ireland (june 26-30)
7: Oberhausen, Germany (july 10-14)
8: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (august 1-10)
9: Vrac, Serbia (August 22-28)
10: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (August 25 - September 3)
11: Utsjoki, Finland (August 30 - Sept 2)
12: Tirana, Albania (October 4-8)
13: Gorlitz, Germany (October 16-20)
14: Beirut, Lebanon (November 22-26)

YLE (Finnish National Broadcasting Company) organized a TOMJR workshop strongly co-operating with The Indigenous Film Centre
for the indigenous people of Lapland, the Sami Parliament in Finland and the European Cultural Foundation.

The workshop took place in Utsjoki, a small village on the border between Finland and Norway in Lapland during August 30th and sept 2nd, 2006. The miority of people living in Utsjoki are Sami, the indigenous people from Lapland. They have their own traditions, culture, language and history. In total 14 youngsters took part in the workshop and each produced one video on the theme self-portrait. The videos vary from demonstrating Sami culture, to going fishing in the Fells, or hunting ducks.
YLE will broadcast these One minutes during autumn 2006 in the magazine called Superfarmi (The Super Farm). YLE will also make a short clip (3-4 minutes) about the workshop and some portraits of the young film makers.