2005 workshops

1: Hilversum, Netherlands
2: Rotterdam and Amsterdam
3: Chisinau, Moldova
4: Dublin, İreland
5: Istanbul, Turkey
6: Vojvodina, Serbia
7: Maldives
8: Barbados

Twenty Barbadian children ages 8 through 15 years joined a growing number of children throughout the world who are producing one minute for my rights videos.
Under the guidance of Nicolas King ń who was trained in the UNICEF-supported One minute for My Rights Training of Trainers workshop in Suriname in Mayń these children have decided to focus on HIV/AIDS and drugs as the themes for their videos which are expected to be completed early in the month of October. In addition to learning the technical skills of video production, the children, who are mainly from Nelson Street and Poinside in the city of Bridgetown, have been learning various life skills which will enable them to deal with social issues such as how to protect themselves from contracting HIV/AIDS. They are also being taught drama by Aaron Blackman one of the resource persons for the Youth Development Programme.