2005 workshops

1: Hilversum, Netherlands
2: Rotterdam and Amsterdam
3: Chisinau, Moldova
4: Dublin, İreland
5: Istanbul, Turkey
6: Vojvodina, Serbia
7: Maldives
8: Barbados

the workshop will be given in the serbian, hungarian and english language. the basic activities of the media workshop will be focusing on a one minutes jr. workshop with 20 young participants between the age of 16-18 from serbia and montenegro, croatia, bosnia and herzegovina, hungary, slovenia and slovakia. the workshop shall be given by two ex-sanberg students, vava stojadinovic and janneke kupfer. the themes of the workshop will be tolerance, legality and prejudices with the aim to enhance intercultural dialogue and cooperation between serbs and the hungarian minority and with other different ethnic groups in serbia in general. besides the one minutes jr workshop, the complete summer media workshop will contain a TV workshop for 20 participants, a theatre/folk workshop and WEB workshop to follow up the event with the presentation at