2005 workshops

1: Hilversum, Netherlands
2: Rotterdam and Amsterdam
3: Chisinau, Moldova
4: Dublin, İreland
5: Istanbul, Turkey
6: Vojvodina, Serbia
7: Maldives
8: Barbados

the workshop in istanbul was organized by kolektif, a turkish art institution, in cooperation with the european cultural foundation, the sandberg ınstitute in amsterdam and the UNICEF office in Ankara.

the residency workshop in istanbul took place from 16 Ů 20 of august at robert college ( ) , which is a private american high school in istanbul. robert college was kind enough to let all the 16 participants and the organizers stay on their campus, using all their facilities, free of charge. the UNICEF office in ankara was responsible for the selection of the participants taking part in the workshop and recruited the 16 young people (12-17 years old) from three orphanages in istanbul (florya cocuk ve genclik merkezi, halkali erkek yetistirme yurdu and ataturk kiz yetistirme yurdu). the 5-day lasting workshop was facilitated by two dutch ex-sandberg video artists, persijn broersen and margit lukacs, who brought all necessary equipment (camera's, laptops, etc.) so the youngsters could start working on their videos. after the workshop ended UNICEF organized a childŪs rights training for the youngsters to learn more about their turkish rights system. the aim of the workshop was to give unprivileged youngsters the chance to speak up and make their voice heard by a broader audience by broadcasting the 13 produced videos. the videos were a great combination of hilarious comedies, frightening horror movies and sad drama stories. the videos will be online soon!

participants and their one-minutes:

yłksel dal - žThe jealous painterÓ
salih yłcel
semih kuhraman Ů žThe mummyÓ
emrah bozdoğan Ů žScary nightÓ
savaş karakurt Ů žFriendsÓ
serdar głl Ů žThe Lie DetectorÓ
emre yağız Ů žSuicideÓ
cemile tanyel Ů žThe painterÓ
duygu bilen Ů žThe magic mirrorÓ
hatıce głl
fatma głl
tuğce altun Ů žSmiling with painÓ
yasemın ązpolat Ů žAngerÓ
zuhal saral Ů žGenie in the bottleÓ
yasin głl Ů žCowboysÓ