2005 workshops

1: Hilversum, Netherlands
2: Rotterdam and Amsterdam
3: Chisinau, Moldova
4: Dublin, İreland
5: Istanbul, Turkey
6: Vojvodina, Serbia
7: Maldives
8: Barbados

This article on the oneminutesjr workshop in Dublin was written by David Cameron who is a poet, novelist, and critic and works freelance for the European Cultural Foundation. He was present at the workshop for two days to get a glimpse of the dynamics of it all.

The Irish broadcaster RTE hosted a One Minutes Junior workshop at its Dublin base between Monday 4th and Friday 8th July. The twelve participants who completed the course produced fourteen one-minute movies of astonishing variety and immediate impact.

Mia McCarthy and June Murphy of RTEís youth programming department organised the workshop. Mia identified interested young people who would be likely to benefit from the oneminutesjr experience, approaching youth resource services in two socially deprived areas of Dublin, as well as (among other organisations) the Separated Children's Project, the Irish Refugee Council, the Galway Film Fleadh, the Irish Film Institute, and Dublinís Clonskeagh Mosque. The eventual selection mirrored the multiethnic diversity of modern Ireland. It also brought together individuals of energy and vision who made excellent use of the video cameras that were theirs for the week.

The one-minute movie is a creation of Hollandís Sandberg Institute, and two ex-Sandberg students, Michal Butink and Marissa Evers, talked the young participants through the one-minute concept, prompting them to uncover stories and ideas within themselves and offering them the means to express these. Michal and Marissa were assisted by ECF staff member, Raya Ribbius. Media consultant Marion Vargaftig was also present to ensure a smooth collaboration between RTE, the ECF and the two facilitators.

Other than its broad multicultural backdrop, there was on this occasion no specific theme to the workshop, and the subject-matter of the one-minutes covered a staggering range of issues and emotions, including the impact of AIDS on African societies, the personal impact of a close friendís tragic suicide, the healing power of music, Dublinís constantly changing cityscape, and Islamic wedding customs. Comedy was also very much on display, as indicated by such titles as ëMonkey Businessí and ëThe Pink Ponceí. A highlight of the week was the making and screening of a surprise video to celebrate the birthday of one of the participants, Aron Tansey. RTE plans to broadcast the one-minutes (accompanied by a 15-second portrait of each maker) from September. Once they have been broadcast, the one-minutes will be available for viewing at the website

RTE is just one of a number of major European broadcasters to have become involved in the oneminutesjr network, excited by its potential as a platform for youth expression and cross-border communication. In Dublin on Saturday 9th July, a landmark meeting prepared by Marion Vargaftig on behalf of the ECF brought together six European broadcasters to discuss their future involvement in the network as well as the more general issue of young peopleís participation in broadcasting.

Participants and their One-minutes
Patience Akpoyouvuobor ñ ëMusic is the Keyí
Emmanuele Ambe ñ ëMonkey Businessí & ëThe Chaseí
Barry Gibbons ñ ëAn Caiteoirí
Johnson Godwin ñ ëI'm Feeling Goodí & ëNobody's Fault
Declan Hurley ñ ëHalf Emptyí & ëEscapeí
Joey Ingersoll ñ ëThe Only Constant is Changeí
Jamie Kelly ñ ëMonkey Businessí & ëThe Chaseí
Ruby Mogale ñ ëWhat Have We Done?í & ëWelcome Homeí
Sarah Ben Mohammed ñ ëBon Marriageí
Roumaissa Slami ñ ëBon Marriageí
Aron Tansey ñ ëThe Pink Ponceí and ëEscapeí
Afolabi Yisa ñ ëGangsta Weddingí