2005 workshops

1: Hilversum, Netherlands
2: Rotterdam and Amsterdam
3: Chisinau, Moldova
4: Dublin, İreland
5: Istanbul, Turkey
6: Vojvodina, Serbia
7: Maldives
8: Barbados

In May 2005 two workshops were given in The Netherlands. The European Cultural Founfation (ECF), The Sandberg Institute and Bibeck organized these two workshops for young Moroccan boys and girls living in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The workshop in Amsterdam took place at the Lloyd Hotel from 20 - 23 of May and in Rotterdam we cooperated with Digital Playground where the workshop took place from 13 -16 of May. Around 26 youngsters between the ages of 16 and 18 participated and created one minute videos about their experiences being an immigrant in a foreign country. The best thirteen one minute videos will each be part of a 5 minute documentary which will show where each individual youngster comes from, their houses, their families, their neighbourhoods, their history and illustrate their fears, hopes and dreams. The documentary will give the viewer a better understanding of who the participants are and why they created their one minute video. These documentaries will be broadcast weekly on the Nieuwe Omroep starting from September 2005 to reach a broader audience and to give people an idea how Moroccan youngsters in The Netherlands live between two cultures.