The One Minutes Jr. Awards and Masterclass 2015

Children from around the world express themselves through short filmreplica watches

Last December, we welcomed fifteen kids from war zones and developing countries in Amsterdam (NL). Their short films were shown at the International Documentary Film Festival – IDFA in the historical Tuschinski Theatre. Their short, mostly autobiographical films were nominated for the Tommy Award, granted by The One Minutes Jr. Now we prepare for the nominations of 2015.

The One Minutes Jr.
In collaboration with UNICEF, The One Minutes Jr. organises about twenty filmmaking workshops a year around the world. Professional filmmakers teach the basics of filmmaking to a group of youngsters. But even of more importance is that the youngsters gaining a tool to express themselves. The result of the workshop is a collection of One Minute films, which give us an exceptional and intimate look into their lives. These stories are honest and unfiltered. Sometimes they discuss a social issue, like the circumstances in a school for blind children in Albania. Some of them show a personal dream, like the wish to take care of the family or to become a doctor in order to help others.

Workshop countries and nominations 2015
In 2015, the workshop trainers travelled the world again with their cameras. Each workshop had a theme, varying from ‘Access to Justice’ to ‘Abilities are Limitless’. The workshops of 2015 were held in:

1: Shyamnagar, Bangladesh (November 2014)
2: Mexico City, Mexico (November 2014)
3: Tirana, Albania (January 2015)
4: Baku, Azerbaijan (February 2015)
5: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (March 2015)
6: Tacloban, Philippines (March 2015)
7: Pibor, South Sudan (May 2015)
8: Baku, Azerbaijan (May 2015)
9: Zaqatala, Azerbaijan (May 2015)
10: Kampot, Cambodia (July 2015)
11: Yangon, Myanmar (July 2015)
12: Taunggyi, Myanmar (July 2015)
13: Kharkov, Ukraine (July 2015)

All the films can be viewed on The One Minutes Jr. website:
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The nominees will be announced in October 2015. The lucky ones will be invited to come to WOW Amsterdam, where they will participate in a masterclass organised by professional filmmakers and their nominated films will be shown on the big screen during IDFA. The Awards ceremony will take place at Saturday 28 November in VondelCS in Amsterdam. Also they will participate in a photography project, organised by WOW and KIJK!, working together with children from the neighbourhood.
In November, the nominated films will be presented in 20 museums and art institutions worldwide as part of The One Minutes Series.

The One Minutes