2013 Workshops

1: Tripoli, Libya (23-27 January 2013)
2: Gyumri, Armenia (18-22 February 2013)
3: Melitopol, Ukraine (16-19 March 2013)
4: Kharkiv, Ukraine (20-23 March 2013)
5: Antananrivo, Madagascar (2-6 April 2013)
6: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (23-27 April 2013)
7: Tbilisi, Georgia (13-17 May 2013)
8: Tbilisi, Georgia (18-21 May 2013)
9: Mexico City, Mexico (5-9 June)
10: Cetinje, Montenegro (15-19 June 2013)
11: Pittsburgh, USA (15-19 July 2013)
12: Kotor, Montenegro (23-27 September 2013)
13: Pristina, Kosovo (30 September - 4 October 2013)
14: Batken, Kyrgyzstan (18-22 November 2013)
15: Harare, Zimbabwe (7-11 December 2013)
16: x

The OneMinutesJr. returned to the Middle East region in January for a workshop in Libya. Held in Tripoli 23-27 April, the workshop brought together 18 young people from across the country – Tripoli, Benghazi, Misrata, Kufra, Sirt, Ghat, Sabha, etc… The workshop was co-sponsored by 1Libya and organized around the theme “Our Now, Our Future.” In a country in a time of transition, it was a great opportunity for the youth to share and express their views, dreams, passions and hopes about the future of their country. Video artists Anja Masling and Judith Leysner instructed the youth on how to use a camera, make a storyboard and edit a film. Many of the kids had used photo cameras before, but only a few had experience with moving images. The film subjects ranged from personal interest and dreams of the future (graffiti, fashion, becoming a flight attendant, getting a nice care) to remembrances of friends and mentors to portraits of home, freedom of speech and the hope to rebuild after the recent revolution. The videos give a unique snapshot of their vision for the future of Libya as adolescents, while they deal with the challenging transitions they and their country currently face. A crowd of over 70 people cheered on the films at the final screening at the Art House, attended by family, friends, government officials, Ambassadors, UN officials and the media.