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GUBA, Azerbaijan - June 28, 2010 - UNICEF Azerbaijan is organizing a summer camp for children from all over the country this week in the Guba Olympic Complex in the North of the country. 100 children are here and sixteen of them have the opportunity to produce OneMinutesJr videos about issues that are of major interest to them.

The summer camp is held under the motto "Think healthy, live healthy, be healthy" and therefore many of the films are likely to be centered around health issues. However, there are also trainings going on around child rights and youth participation. We start relatively late on the first day since the children were still busy in other group meetings, but in the early afternoon we start the workshop.

There are some "highlights" that we always show during the introductory sessions, especially two films from a workshop we did a few years back in Albania. They are perfect examples of how to build a certain atmosphere in a film and how to use different filming and editing techniques in short films.

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