Workshop in Kosovo - April 2010

April 26, 2010 - Monday morning, 9 AM - Mitrovica, Kosovo. Fourteen children aged 11 to 17 have gathered in the workshop room in a hotel just outside of Mitrovica in Kosovo. They are all here upon invitation from UNICEF to tell their stories and produce short video documentaries about their lives as part of the OneMinutesJr project.

Except for two of the participants who are ethnic Albanians, all participants are Roma. Many of them speak German, because they were born and grew up in Germany. However, they and their families were forced to return to Kosovo recently or a few years ago.

The languages of the workshop are English, German, Albanian, Serbian and Romani - pretty much a mix of everything. Together with three facilitators from the Dokufest / Dokukids Film Festival, we take turns in translating and talking with the children. The workshop starts with introductions and the viewing of OneMinutesJr videos. A general compilation starts the day, then we switch to DVDs from Roma workshop we did several years ago in Romania and Bulgaria, because we know that the children will be able to relate much better to these videos.

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