The One Minutes Jr. Awards and Masterclass during IDFA 2014!

Youngsters are showing their documentaries at IDFA.

In the last week of November fifteen youngsters from war zones, refugee camps and developing countries will be welcomed in Amsterdam to show their movies at the prestigious International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA). The youngsters have been nominated by The One Minutes Jr. to win a Tommy Award for their autobiographical one-minute documentaries.

The One Minutes Jr.
The moving one-minute documentaries give a personal look into their lives. Their stories may be fearsome, but are mostly filled with beautiful hopes and dreams. The shorts were developed during workshops in the various countries, organized by The One Minutes Jr. and UNICEF.

The nominees
Fifteen youngsters between the ages of 12 and 20 have been nominated in three categories: Inside-Out, One Minute of Freedom and Self-Portrait. The nominees come from Syria, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Jordan, Afghanistan, Nepal and Gambia. The Syrian youngsters are staying in refugee camps in Turkey and Jordan. The One Minutes Jr. has invited al fifteen nominees to come to Amsterdam and stay in WOW hostel. Here they will participate in a Masterclass by professional filmmakers and their movies will be shown on the big screen of the historical Tuschinski Theatre during the IDFA.
Winners will be announced at the festive Award Ceremony on the 30th of November at WOW Amsterdam and receive a camera.

Bekmirza Isabekov "Bless You", Kyrgyzstan
Ivan Chekalov "Nest", Ukraine
Olesya Gorshkova "Time Consumption", Kyrgyzstan
Wafa’ A Jada’ An "Life Of An Ant", Jordan
Zainab Ahmad Hussain "Heavy road ahead", Afghanistan

One Minute Of Freedom:
Amar Yasser Al-Khwaldeh "We Walk Their Path", Syria/Jordan
Amjad Elayyan "No Darkness Compares With Ignorance", Jordan
Oday Ayen Qteeth "Necessity is the Mother of Invention", Syria/ Jordan
Roshni Prabin "Thirsty Girl", Nepal
Yazid Zejdan "Wishing Tree", Syria/ Turkey

Self Portrait:
Aqilah Kazim Ali "Family Matters", Afghanistan
Mawdo Keita "My Gambia", Gambia
Omaima Thaer Al-Hoshan "The End of Childhood", Syria/ Jordan
Shihani Omar "The Architect", Syria/ Turkey
Yuriy Konstantinovich Zubenko "War Takes It All", Ukraine

And the 2014 winners are...

Self Portrait 2014:

War takes it all by Yuriy Konstantinovich Zubenko [ua]

One Minutes Of Freedom 2014:

We walk their path by Amar [sy]

Inside Out 2014:

Nest by Ivan Chekalov [ua]