2007 workshops

1: Amman, Jordan (25-29 January)
2: Oslo, Norway (20-22 February)
3: Johannesburg, South-Africa (23-28 March)
4: Istanbul, Turkey (5-9 April)
5: Belgrade, Serbia (10-14 April)
6: Salamanca, Spain (11-15 June)
7: North Ossetia and Ingushetia, Russia (16-20 and 21-25 July)
8: Lubumbashi and Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo (30 July - 3 August and 6-10 August)
9: Krsko, Slovenia (3-8 august)
10: De Vrolijkheid en Stichting Nowhere, Amsterdam (6-10 August 2007)
11: New Delhi, India (25-29 August)
12: Berlin, Germany (3-6 september)
13: Barcelona, Spain (3-7 September)
14: Amman, Jordan (6-10 September)
15: Yevpatoria, Ukraine (17-21 September)
16: Trstena, Slovakia (26-30 September)
17: Manila, Philippines (27 September - 1 October)
18: Mumbai, India (27-31 October)
19: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (13-17 November)
20: Tel Aviv, Israel (14-18 November)
21: Zilina, Slovakia (31 Oct-4 November)

theoneminutesjr year was kicked off with a workshop in the middle east, in the jordanian capital amman. the workshop organised 25-29 january together with makan house gathered 17 participants from jordan and syria.

the participants and facilitators were treated with warm sun throughout the workshop. the facilitators vava, mohammed, anja and firas kicked the workshop off by showing a selection of theoneminutesjr videos and explaining the basics of how to create a storyline and a storyboard. filming started on the second day on the streets of downtown amman, at the amfitheatre, in the homes of some of the participants and at the makan house. the participants wanted to tell among others stories of their family, show their skills with drums or catch the hectic life of the centre. the workshop ended with a screening for family and friends.