TheoneminutesJr rss news feed.

Would you like to receive our hottest news automatically? From now on you can get the latest video entries and most interesting news items through an rss news feed. Be the first to know!

What is rss?
rss is a fairly new way for interested subscribers of certain websites and blogs to receive the latest news item. you don't need to visit all your favourite sites on a daily basis anymore to see if there is any news, you just open your rss reader in the morning and see all the news in one view.

Rss reader?
rss is coded in xml, a simple way to structure information. an rss reader gets the rss feeds from the internet and shows you which articles are new and which articles you already opened.

Where do i get an rss reader?
if you have a windows computer you can download an rss reader at SharpReader or at rss reader. for a mac computer NetNewsWire Lite is the most practical rss reader..
here are some more options also suitable for other systems.
Have a try and download the rss reader you like best!.

How do I get the oneminutesjr news feed into my reader?
In most cases you will find a button called 'add' or 'subscribe' in the rss reader.
Copy this url, click on the subscribe button of you rss reader and paste this url. Quit simple isn't it?
Now you have our rss feed in your rss reader. Watch other interesting sites and see if they also offer an rss feed. Mostly you will find this button.
If you click it and it doesn't open your rss reader, then try control-click, copy this url, and paste it into you reader.

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